Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tempeh Winter Soup

I haven't had much time to cook or update the blog lately, however, I made time to make a few things and have had a pile of recipes that I am looking forward to veganizing.
This soup was inspired by  my favorite cook book the vegan table (of course).
So, here is another easy recipe for us busy vegans or those seeking more veggies in our busy lives. 

I made it with the purple potatoes with cashew cream- recipe from January 28th

4 cups veggie stock
1 8 oz package  tempeh cubed ( I use the spiced tempeh)
4 carrots
3 yellow potatoes ( I add red potatoes too)
1 medium size yellow onion, chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil 
2 garlic cloves minced ( or 1 teaspoon chopped from a jar )
2 tablespoons Tomato paste
3 Tablespoons Soy Sauce/Tamari
2 Bay leaves
1 teaspoon dried marjoram (I used fresh)
1 teaspoon thyme ( I used fresh)
3 yellow crook neck squash
3 zucchinis
salt and pepper
dash of liquid smoke
parsley and chives for topping

In a large soup pot simmer the veggie stock, cubed potatoes, tempeh, herbs and tomato sauce on medium heat.
Simultaneously in a sauce pan saute the chopped onion and garlic until they start to turn clear and add the chopped carrots, salt and pepper and add then add to the large soup pan . Add the squash last as it cooks quickest and simmer until the potatoes are soft and serve topped with chives and parsley.

Delicious and was even better the next day.

Check out my Valentine Bouquet from Chad, the coolest person in the universe! I love it
Happy Valentines Dayt.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fit for a Veganista


So, if I had more time I would, well , the list is endless, but a couple of things come to mind . I would cook  more and work out more (makes me nicer) . 
I met Jason Yee almost a year and a half ago. I was frantic to look great in my wedding dress and in a hurry! 
Well, Jae whipped my butt into shape and I still make an effort to have him kick my butt regularly (as possible). The coolest thing was how much stronger I became. I have always enjoyed distance running and have always thought weight lifting was "ewey" 
Well,  when I could sling 50 pounds easily daily while in heels and graduated from girl push ups. I new I  found someone special. 
He also made me special Vegan lasagna at his own Holiday party . I was the only Vegan there. Okay, he has pretty cute French Bull dog too.

With that being said, here is a bit about Jae , where to find him, and what you have to look forward to. 
 Via jae:
I am a Personal trainer of on-going 7 years and a Manual Therapist/ Body worker of nearly 6. I have dedicated my life to move and inspire individuals to live a happy wholesome life with harmony and pleasure.

I grew up active, with a passion in Chinese martial arts and Chinese cultural dance (specifically lion dancing) since I was age 10.

Through my training in both movement and therapy, I have developed a skill set to approach fitness and exercises through energy flow. I'll constantly scan and watch how your energy moves to the appropriate places as the body activates its muscles in the proper sequence.  ( hence my constant adjustments =) ). Highly effective, I have achieve lots of profound results with not only post-rehabilitative work, but individuals with fat-loss or muscle gain goals as well. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Squash it! (Acorn Squash filled with Soysauge Risotto)


I love winter squash and this was fantastic. I took all of the great winter veggies in the crisper and combined them to create SQUASH IT.

One Acorn Squash - cut in 2 hollow out and cover with agave syrup while preparing the below:
Olive Oil
1/2 yellow onion chopped
2 sprigs of thyme
3-4 garlic loves chopped 
Veggie broth for sauteeing 
1/2 cup dried sundried tomatoes 
1-2 small zuchini squash 
1-2 cups button mushrooms
1-2 field roast sausages chopped and on the side

Simmer aborio rice (risotto) in veggie broth. Keep it slightly covered with the broth as the rice cooks. 
Sautee all above ingredients on medium heat saving the quick cookers for last - the Zuchinis and the Mushrooms.
As the rice becomes tender, add the squash and mushrooms to your veggie mix  for roughly 5 minutes
combine the rice once the veggie broth has cooked out 
and mix the rice and veggies pull check to make sure the squash is tender and fill 
and serve with your choice of greens.

The above picture is with rainbow chard