Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shannon's Wedding, Detroit & the Nori Roll

After getting back from Shannon's wedding  in Northern Michigan and spending a night in Detroit I have been craving Nori Rolls all weekend (weird craving, for sure). Lake Michigan had much more of a beach scene than I had imagined. I was also reminded that I still appreciate vintage clothing. I also decided I need better pictures for this blog because blogs that are only recipes aren't all that fun.
 The Beach at  Lake Michigan

 My new dress from Lost and Found - I love it. 
I read the recipe for the Nori Rolls  in the Kind Diet a while back and added the items that I  enjoy to the rolls. They are so good. 
Did you know that Michigan is known for Polish food? There's also delicious cherries and amazing vintage finds that we haven't seen in SF in years. It was so great to hang out with long time  pals Sasha & Shannon  as well as  meet new ones.
And most importantly , here are a couple of  photos from the wedding:
The Newlyweds
Gorgeous Bride and her extra tall buddy

Congratulations Shannon and Dan!

Toasted Sushi Nori - made by Sound Sea Vegetables
1 cup of brown rice
Umeboshi Plum - just a dab to spread on to the rice and Nori paper
Daikon- optional
Mung Beans
Cilantro- chopped as a spice
Basil - chopped as a spice
Avacado - optional
Kale - Sauteed with olive oil, garlic,  lemon and chopped
Raw Kim Chee
Baked tofu  - optional (Chad wants to replace this with fish one day)
Apple slices
Carrots - optional 

Saute the kale with lemon and garlic and cool and chop. Cook one cup of brown rice and
layer it after it's done on the above in any combo. The kim chee , umeboshi plum, apples, cilantro , basil and mung beans combo really makes this dish great.

I'm not very good at rolling these Japanese style, so I make them into a hand roll that looks kind of like a burrito