Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pumpkin Ravioli with Spinach Marinara

This Ravioli is so great and easy. This is a recipe that is more about assembling items for all of you non cookers.  IT IS EASY!!
I also list all of the local items featured for the quick assembly (they are most likely things you see often at your favorite market).

The Pasta Shop makes several varieties of fresh pasta. My favorite are their pumpkin vegan raviolis
Start by boiling them for 7-10 minutes.

The Pasta Shop also makes a variety of pasta sauces that are vegan as well. I chose their basic marinara for this dish and started by  simmering  it and adding morning star "soysauge"  and a packet of prewashed spinach. Simmer until hot and spinach mixes in..

This is my favorite local bread. You can find it at Faletti, Rainbow or most of the weekend farmers markets and even Safeway. I used the Olive Batard to create garlic bread.
Slice it, top it with  olive oil or Earth Balance spread and add chopped garlic and salt and toast.

All of the ingredients make for one of the most simple decadent vegan meals in minutes.

I often worry that things I create may not be worth posting to the blog  it if they aren't complicated, but I often read simple recipes and am inspired.
Next time I would like to try a sage brown "butter" sauce with this ravioli and Acme's walnut bread.

Time to dream up dessert.


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