Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Miette in Hayes Valley has so many fabulous confections. I had NO idea there were vegan treats as well. 
The Buccaneer Bar , raspberry licorice, French orange chocolate and many more.
My intention with these posts are simple. I could no longer subscribe to factory farming and made the switch to this lifestyle and it has become a passion.  I meet so many people that are curious about a vegan diet. What does a vegan eat ? How do I manage with a busy schedule? I definitely cook more now than ever as the options at home are far better than the few restaurants that have vegan fare.
I don't feel there is any compromise per se.  The odd thing is that I don't know any vegans. (except Danielle and she lives in LA)

Thank you Joaquin for bringing the great candies to dinner last night. I almost wish you hadn't introduced them to me.
Also,  The Vegan Baker that we adore works at Miette in Hayes Valley , her name is Crystal and her own company is called Violette Sweet Shoppe. If you need a special sweet treat she is your gal.


  1. Reminds of our days at the mall eating sour bacons! *sigh*

  2. Hey, seeing as you're always out and about and entertaining, here is a website that checks whether or not a particular alcoholic beverage is vegan:

  3. oh how i love Miette! i am so glad you can enjoy some sweet treats from there as well. just what we all need: SUGAR! mmmmmm

  4. Toni, it has helped me get over my violet crumble addiction

  5. Leave it to Joaquin to find vegan candy.

  6. Hah!!
    I like candy, I can't help it! I LOVE Miette the women there are so wonderful and they always have new candy to try. Some of it is fun stuff like Pop Rocks from when I was a kid but they also have amazing imported AND local specialty items. They know me by name there... oh how I love Miette... *sigh*

  7. OH YEAH!! Crystal who owns the Violette Sweet Shoppe is WONDERFUL and so helpful at finding the vegan goodies at Miette!