Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nacho, Nacho, Man...

How can anyone live without nachos? This was one of my main concerns when I made the switch to a plant based diet. Well, thanks to Daiya Cheese, Soyrizo, and Tofutti's sour cream all is right in the world.

1 bag of Casa Sanchez chips
1 cup of Soyrizo
1 can of veggie refried beans (Amy's)
1/2 container of Daiya "cheese" Mozzarella style
1/2 container of Daiya "cheese" Cheddar style
Guacamole - 2 avocados with lemon, salsa, salt and pepper to taste
Bake until cheese melts. (Daiya Melts)

Shared with Stephanie and Chad

the result  ...


  1. How did I miss out on these??? Looks delicious! The pizza with that soy cheese wasn't too shabby either. And I am cheese-head for sure.