Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weird Fish - Mission and 18th

So the weirdest thing about Weird Fish is there isn't a lot of fish and the best thing about Weird Fish  is the vegan ranch dressing and the fried pickles with a gluten free vegan batter. I love fried pickles, I was introduced to them the first time I went to New Orleans with Chad. I was initially horrified, but let's be honest , does it matter what you are putting in the fryer covered in batter? Dill pickles served fish and chip style is amazing.
I heard a lot about  this location  because they are known for their vegan tacos as well as weekend brunch and they concurrently serve fish (farm raised and only work with reputable farms).
I assure you that eating brunch out as a vegan on the weekend is quite a bummer. Everyone's dishes arrive to the table  and everyone has a look of excitement as every dish is covered in hollondaise  and maple syrup and then my oatmeal with soy milk comes and I just end up sad. So with that being said,  I am looking forward to heading back to check out their brunch and tacos.
This restaurant is a good spot for Chad and I , he can have a fish dish and I can ignore his tales of the climbing gym while pouring RANCH  DRESSING on absolutely  everything.

We had their special salad with "ham" brussel sprouts and pecans, it was really good.

They have a version of "fish" and chips that includes battered tofu, a pickle and battered seitan served with sweet potato fries and regular fries.
I will head back to check out some other items for sure since they change the menu so often  (it will change on Monday) and have vegan brunch offerings.


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  1. i went here when it first opened (just before i left SF) and wasnt impressed. however, i am glad to hear that they A. have gotten better and B. have some vegan offerings for you!